Our Mission

Advancing Humanity on earth & Beyond

As far as we know, humans alone possess an awareness of the possibility of our entire species’ extinction and of the Earth’s finite life span. We are the ONLY ones who can actively assess the risks and prevent extinction, not only for our own species, but for all other organisms as well. The next twins study can revolutionize and address some of the most essential knowledge gaps both as we prepare for Mars and continue life on Earth.


long-duration Identical Twins & triplets Studies

Our Goals

  1. Conducting scientific research for biomedical discovery and test new hypotheses.

  2. Developing and deploying new technologies for crew health and mission maintenance.

  3. Developing crew health operating procedures applicable for long‐duration and deep space missions.

  4. Inspiring the next generation of explorers.


Using twin and triplet sets of the human genome and metagenome will significantly amplify the scientific value of our results with a smaller number of test subjects.


The space environment is an incredible accelerator for biological and aging research, enabling the study of the microgravity and radiation environments with unprecedented detail.

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The Details

Twin Orbit will carry out a series of increasingly complex and longer-duration identical twins and triplets studies, culminating in a 500+ day mission in deep space.

Our vision focuses on (1) conducting groundbreaking research for the dual benefit of earth and space-based health applications, (2) developing countermeasures to safely send explorers into deep-space, and (3) making healthy space travel and habitation a reality in our lifetime.


We're focused on developing product pipelines which include medical interventions, new drug development, dietary supplements, bio-wearable technology, health monitoring devices, implantable medical devices, closed environment agriculture, and life support systems.

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About Us

Twin Orbit Enterprises, LLC  was created to:


  • Conduct groundbreaking research in healthcare, aerospace medicine, and astrobotany to solve the most pressing health problems facing people today.

  • Facilitate the necessary human biological research and development of countermeasures to safely land a human on Mars.


  • Make healthy interplanetary travel and habitation a reality in our lifetime.

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